EXN Emplios Premium Mineral Engine Oil (SAE 15W40) 每 API CI-4 Turbo Plus -7L
EXN Emplios Premium Mineral Engine Oil (SAE 15W40) 每 API CI-4 Turbo Plus -7L ENGINE IMPROVEMENTS Malaysia, Selangor, KL Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | BLITZ AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES


EXN Emplios SAE 15W40 Premium Mineral Engine Oil (7 LITER)
A premium quality upgrade, multi-purpose, extended service engine oil

specially formulated to provide superior performance under the most demanding operating conditions. It’s multi-grade all-season formula means you can lubricate your entire fleet, even new engine designs, year around with EXN – Emplios SAE 15W40 API CI-4/SL Turbo Plus.It provides outstanding wear control, service life, cleanliness, thermal stability and corrosion resistance for most diesel and gasoline

Designed predominantly for use in four stroke heavy duty diesel engines. It can be used in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines in on-highway and off-highway applications. It is an ideal to use in high speed and some medium speed, diesel engines used in marine environments as well as for generator sets and agricultural equipment.
– Better low temperature flow characteristics help reduce start-up wear

– Meets the requirements of more than one viscosity grade in a lubricant that bears the benefits of both viscosities

– Superior oxidation resistance for longer drain service

– Increased “oiliness” provides anti-friction film to reduce fuel consumption

– High TBN for longer service life and better protection from corrosive gases and contaminants

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